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The Ballad of Resurrection Bob  - Local history theatre show in Torbay

Brixham, Devon, UK

April 27th 2013


About the show:

In past centuries, smuggling of silks, tobacco and brandy, was rife along the coasts of the Southwest, and the smugglers invented ever more creative, and in some cases very humourous tactics to evade the law.

In the case of “Resurrection” Bob Elliott, he faked his own death in order to transport contraband to Totnes, under the noses of the coastguards, in a very large coffin. Later that night, the story tells, the local coastguards encountered Bob on the highway, and were convinced that they had seen a ghost.

From this escapade, Bob earned his nickname of “Resurrection Bob”.


The Smugglers Hotel, in Brixham town centre, is said to have been where Bob lived, at the time of the escapade, and indeed, that is how the hotel earned its name.



In the summer of 2012 The South Devon Players were filmed for a BBC 2 programme, performing a clip of their upcoming 2013 production The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob, the humourous true story of a 19th century smuggler, in the Devon fishing port of  Brixham, where the theatre company is based.

This award-winning non-profit community theatre company primarily specialises in bringing to life the history and legends of the county of Devon, in newly researched and written shows. We mainly specialise in shows about local history, but sometimes expand to wider historical events as well. We are family friendly, lively and welcoming to all who wish to be involved in theatre at any level. In the past, members have gone on to perform in major feature films, and train at RADA. Our membership ranges from age 10 to 65, and from professional performers to complete beginners, all of whom work as part of a team to create new exciting shows which are then brought to our local community.


Brixham- Saturday April 27th, matinee and evening
                 at the Christian Community Centre, Fore Street                 (town centre), Brixham Tickets £4 / £2.50 concs
        Matinee - Doors open 3pm (show at 3.30pm)
        Evening - Doors open 7pm (show at 7.30pm)


All show dates and ticket details on our website at http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com , or at our social networks: Twitter (sdevonplayers) or our facebook account (sdevonplayers)



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