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Welcome to the Dreamwidth Theatre community, maintained by [personal profile] cassiopeia.

We are currently seeking a second moderator. Please contact [personal profile] cassiopeia in order to apply.

We are here to provide a community for established and aspiring thespians, to discuss all topics related to the craft, and to offer help to those who ask.

We have only a few rules here:
1. Any posting must be related to theatre in some way.
2. Large images, lots of images, potentially non-worksafe material, or very long posts need to be placed behind a cut. Please refer to the FAQ for details, or use the option in Rich Text.
3. No file-sharing within the community. I cannot control what you do amongst yourselves, but posts offering or asking for illegally-obtained files are not permitted.
4. Newbie posts are okay, once. However, posting quizzes and surveys is strictly forbidden, as is posting adverts for other communities, unless pre-approved by a moderator.
5. Let’s try to stay reasonably professional here. Be respectful of others’ opinions, keep the profanity to a minimum, DON’T SHOUT, and don’t be a troll. Nobody likes a troll.
6. Have fun!!

If you ever have a question or problem that needs to be addressed by a moderator, please contact us at our personal journals or by email.

If there's something you would like to see changed, or something needs to be brought to my attention, please do not hesitate to contact [personal profile] cassiopeia! This is YOUR community!
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