Always looking to create new dynamic theatre inspired by period drama, classical stories and legends, the Players now bring the tale of the dashing Zorro to the stage, in an all-new, family production, appearing at the Palace Theatre January 30th and 31st 2015.

Friday Jan 30th - 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 31st- 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Tickets Adults £6, Children £5, Family (2 adults & 2 children) £18

Book now via the Palace Theatre
Palace Ave, Paignton TQ3 3HF
01803 665800 /

What a way to start off the New Year! Combining elements of traditional pantomime with the glamour of a Vegas-style show, and a 19th century legend of California’s very own answer to Robin Hood, Zorro! Is a high-tech, family friendly, action packed and energetic production which will delight young and old alike.
Featuring an all-local cast with an age range of over 60 years between the youngest cast member and the oldest, all of whom have worked together to create an amazing new show, filled with laughter, glamour, high-tech effects, swordplay, music, showgirls and dance, the South Devon Players, a theatre company from Brixham, once again, return to the Palace Theatre to brighten your winter!

This show may not be suitable for people with medical issues affected by bright or flashing lights.
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New  Les Miserables theatre production around Torbay (Devon UK) this September...
Directed by me.

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We got a lot (not all, sadly! rounding up all of the 30-strong cast other than for shows and rehearsals is very hard!) of the cast out on a days character photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.. The photos are by me and a couple of friends.
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The Ballad of Resurrection Bob  - Local history theatre show in Torbay

Brixham, Devon, UK

April 27th 2013


About the show:

In past centuries, smuggling of silks, tobacco and brandy, was rife along the coasts of the Southwest, and the smugglers invented ever more creative, and in some cases very humourous tactics to evade the law.

In the case of “Resurrection” Bob Elliott, he faked his own death in order to transport contraband to Totnes, under the noses of the coastguards, in a very large coffin. Later that night, the story tells, the local coastguards encountered Bob on the highway, and were convinced that they had seen a ghost.

From this escapade, Bob earned his nickname of “Resurrection Bob”.


The Smugglers Hotel, in Brixham town centre, is said to have been where Bob lived, at the time of the escapade, and indeed, that is how the hotel earned its name.



In the summer of 2012 The South Devon Players were filmed for a BBC 2 programme, performing a clip of their upcoming 2013 production The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob, the humourous true story of a 19th century smuggler, in the Devon fishing port of  Brixham, where the theatre company is based.

This award-winning non-profit community theatre company primarily specialises in bringing to life the history and legends of the county of Devon, in newly researched and written shows. We mainly specialise in shows about local history, but sometimes expand to wider historical events as well. We are family friendly, lively and welcoming to all who wish to be involved in theatre at any level. In the past, members have gone on to perform in major feature films, and train at RADA. Our membership ranges from age 10 to 65, and from professional performers to complete beginners, all of whom work as part of a team to create new exciting shows which are then brought to our local community.


Brixham- Saturday April 27th, matinee and evening
                 at the Christian Community Centre, Fore Street                 (town centre), Brixham Tickets £4 / £2.50 concs
        Matinee - Doors open 3pm (show at 3.30pm)
        Evening - Doors open 7pm (show at 7.30pm)


All show dates and ticket details on our website at , or at our social networks: Twitter (sdevonplayers) or our facebook account (sdevonplayers)

Sadly, shows arent paid, but as you will see there are other perks. We are an award winning, non-profit community theatre company specialising in shows with a historical theme, based in South West England. If you are interested in either show, you can message me here on Livejournal (I am the secretary for the group), or visit our website and facebook links. People need to be locally based to the shows, so think the South of Devon. 
If you will be on holiday in the area though, and would like to join in, as these are fast-turn-around shows, you are still totally welcome to get involved!

Feel free to share the information, but please include ALL the information if you do. :)
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Programme giveaway

My theatre group have been having a slight clearout, and we have found a load of programmes left over from our play last summer Gentleman of the Road.

I know some people collect theatre programmes, and if you would like a free one, signed by some of the cast members (those who are involved in our current show as well) from that show, for postage only, please get in touch. They are 4 page stapled A4 booklets, and we would rather even a few of them went to a good home than in the recycler.

Let me know if you want one and we can arrange things (I am the secretary and co-founder) here.


The South Devon Players - [info]sdp_theatre /
CASTING CALL (Torbay, England) with award winning community theatre company.

Show:  The Barbary Pirates
Group: The South Devon Players (website    Facebook group)

Performances between April and August 2011 in the South Devon area. Including national theatre competition entry.

Performers required
We are looking for RELIABLE male and female performers to play pirates, convicts and bellydancers. You need to be aged 16 -116, live locally to be able to attend weekly rehearsals and workshops (Wednesdays 7.30 - 9pm) in Brixham. Free training in bellydance and/or stage combat included. Experience not required, but enthusiasm, regular attendance and effort are a must. Re-casting several roles due to timewasters. The project isnt paid but lots of free dance and combat training, with photographs, and references upon request, for future drama/ theatre studies all provided upon succesful completion of the "run".

About show...
Based on historical accounts, this story is of a group of Devon fisher-folk taken prisoner by a fleet of Barbary Corsairs, and their subsequent adventures.
Rehearsals are currently underway, applicants will be asked to join us at rehearsal and workshops for an evening, and if successful to attend from there on.

To be considered
You can contact me directly here, or through the website or facebook group as listed above.
I am currently planning a stage set for a (high action) play, and would like to pick anyone elses brains  (I have some ideas, but am picking other peoples brains as well for any ace ideas. Ideas used would be credited in the programme.)
The play is set in about 1700, and the scenes are

- English Harbourside
- Convict Ship
- Algerian market
- Sheikhs Palace
- Pirate ship
- English harbourside tavern

We are performing at a drama festival, and can only have limited stage set (its also what we can get there in three cars plus cast! We are then doing some open air shows, which work as even more limited! The drama festival theatre stage gives us a simple black backdrop and flats.

My plan so far is to have a basic nautical set that doubles as the harbour and the ships, with a lighting change and background sound effects to indicate where it is, alongside the acting by the cast.
In the Algerian market, we are having the merchants bring on rugs and cushions and whatnot to make it look like a Middle Eastern market place.
The Sheikhs palace is similar, with the one bit of backdrop - flown light gauze fabric hangings, and a few ornaments brought on as part of the play by servants.
This is all removed for the pirate ship, in which we go back to the basic set, and  a pirate flag flying, which turns into the tavern with the wenches bringing on two tables, with bottles and tankards.

Those are my ideas, but I was wondering if anyone had any "quick and simple" ideas for getting more definition between the harbour and the ships. Thanks tons for any ideas... :)
Does anyone have any experience running auditions in an open space?  I'm used to arriving within a certain time frame and being called into a room or aud. individually by a monitor to present a monologue.  Since we don't really have a reception area at our current space (we're rehearsing in a big common room at a church), I am concerned about the room getting too noisy, or other actors distracting the one trying to audition.  We all know how stressful auditions can be, and I hope I don't have to make it more so by having them audition in front of 40 people instead of 2!!

I'll be running these auditions for a Shakespeare in the Parks production in just a couple of weeks and wanted it to be as quick and painless for the actors as possible.

Any suggestions?
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